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se market developmen▓t in 2018Porsche optimistic on Chinese market development in 201803-05-2018 14:51 BJTPorsche is positive about its China developme▓nt this year, after its sales in the country hit a record in 2017 with strong SUV deliveries, according to sen▓ior executives at the German premi

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14 December 2020

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20 December 2020

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22 December 2020
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um carmaker.The automaker sold 71,508 cars in China last year, up 10 percent year-on-year, said Sheng Tantzscher, acting president a▓nd CEO of Porsche China, on Thursday."Looking fo


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rward, we a▓re positive about 2018, despite some uncertainties in the automotive sector, and we ▓expect our sales in China to grow faster tha▓n the global average," she said.China h

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ing, which will help ▓reinf orce the function of supply and de mand in the de termination of value i n the future, according to t he central bank.&nbs p;Please scan the QR Cod▓e to follow us on Instag ramPlease scan the QR Code to fo llow us on Wecha tPorsche optimistic on Chinese market develo pment in 2▓018P orsche optimis tic on Chine 盱眙县wap 水城县wap 绍兴市wap 白沙黎族自治县wap 黎城县5G 顺平县wap 讷河市5G 化州市5G 武邑县wap 西藏自治区wap 赤峰市5G 绩溪县wap 宁远县5G 玉林市wap 宜州市wap 南陵县5G 峨边彝族自治县wap 安多县wap 中牟县5G 吴川市wap 传奇私服合击版发布网 传奇私服新开发布基地 最新传奇私服架设教程 1.76复古传奇私服手机版 网通传奇私服发布网站 妖神传奇私服 传奇私服网页版 传奇私服架设 传奇私服新服网 传奇私服外挂破解版